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Work done during the winter. I have refurbished the toilet and bathrooms.


Haus02.jpg    Haus03.jpg   Haus06.jpg  Küche03.jpg

       My house and garden from south angle                              Garden at north side of house                                         Dining area of kitchen                                         Cooking area of kitchen


IMGP0592.jpg   IMGP0587.jpg

                                                         West side of house                                                                                                                                                                North gardens

IMGP0590.jpg      IMGP0591.jpg

Looking to south & mountains. In winter everything here is snow & very beautiful.                                                                                   Garden at south behind house.


Snow12.JPG       Snow17.JPG

            Garage for car and house in the background                                                                                           Looking across my front garden. The area of my land portion is 2,200 m²


Diane's 30th.jpg  Rad 08.jpg  Rad 09.jpg

          With my two daughters in 2002                                                                         In 2004                                                                           In 2007 ( I still do all my laundry and ironing)


              Rad 19.jpg            InsideForbiddenCity05.jpg            Team DinnerAnShan.JPG  

                 In 2005 (yes, that’s gold)                                 Forbidden City Beijing 2008                                                              With Colleagues at Anshan (Liaoning) 2008


                BMW6.JPG    BMW5.JPG

                                                                                                                                          My Car        BMW M3