Completed Projects


This page is a new thought I had to post details of projects I have completed.


Every now and again friends have asked me for a photo of something I have made. Well, here they are.


                                                                      1/ My Desk

This was built from Australian timbers only:- Sheoak, Huon Pine & Blackwood.

I would love to be able to say that I turned the legs, but no, they were done by Steve at Spindlecraft here in Perth.




2/ Combination Boring & Facing Head to suit Toyo. Based on design in

Model Engineer magazine from about 1945.




3/  Six station Turret Attachment to suit Toyo lathe.  Design adapted

from one in Model Engineer of about 1941 for Drummond lathe.

Has made hundreds of 6BA and 8BA bolts to ordered lengths.




4/ Mods to Toyo lathe include new, extended cross-slide plus the

manufacture of new pulleys for the drive system to adopt the poly-

vee drive system.  This allowed much heavier cuts without any

noticeable slippage.




                                                                       5/ Rayonier Caboose on a Flatcar.

This model was based on the caboose displayed at Point Defiance Museum & Park in Tacoma, Wa.




                                                                        6/ Rayonier Work Car (Based on a discarded Reefer).

Background and colours were obtained from modelling resources.




                                                                          7/  My two truck Heisler,  based on C/Nr 1288.

Beautifully built by Walt McGowan of Seattle, Wa. and now being repainted and converted

by myself to more accurately fit with my idea of a Rayonier logging lokey.

(Both photos courtesy of Trevor Heath and )


And here is the Heisler, with her train, running at Castledare Miniature Railway.