All welds on structural parts are NDT’d. 90% in house, 10% 3rd party.


The green fabric is a protective sheet to protect the sheets from scratching or spatter in fabrication.


At the top of each post is a nylon roller, again to protect the material from scratches.


All pipework is tested for leaks. Zero pressure drop in 20 minutes is the standard.


Trucks are assembled and tested in house. Then placed ready to have the car lowered on to them.


With the brake linkage connected to the ECPB system, final brake tests are made before despatch.


Another car on its way to the wharf for shipping.

Cars do not stand on their own wheels. The wheelsets are strapped up tight under the car whilst the complete car is sitting on stands to protect the bearings on the journey.


On arrival at the port all cars are wrapped in plastic to keep them out of the reach of salt air corrosion.


The crew who worked back that evening to get the last car out and on its way.