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A collection that I intend to add to with images of procedures or set-ups that I feel may be of interest to Model Engineers, and others, on how I have tackled various engineering or manufacturing problems.

This one is to introduce my shop. Only 3.0m x 2.5m (10' x 8'4") and originally designed as the third bedroom, it is a little crowded at times but has the advantage of being only a few steps from the kitchen and living rooms. I can have food on the oven and set the timer, then back and take another few cuts until the timer tells me it's time to quit. J It also shares the ducted air-conditioning and insulation systems of the rest of the house which are a big plus in the summer.

Here is an image illustrating the machining of the truck centre bearings on my little lathe.  The last time it will be asked to do such heavy work. The new lathe should be here next week and hopefully, next Saturday, I will be uploading images to give you all a look at it.

And here is the Toyo again, this time set up to make small hex M3 nuts using 5mm hex steel. The tool in the front holder is for bevelling the nut and the rear is, of course, the parting off tool with a 2.0mm blade.

Here is the new lathe.  It is a Hafco "MetalMaster"  250mm swing x 550 between centres.  Made in China but enough of a hit on my budget and plenty man enough for the work I have in mind for it.  Added 22/02/2004.  For those of you who have a similar machine, be it labelled as a Sieg M2 (the true model), a Grizzly G0516 (in North America) or the Hafco AL60M (in Australia) a new mailing list has been started by Ben on Yahoo at

Sorry people, I could not resist putting my own face in the series somewhere :o)

More to come soon


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