Installing the new WABECO CC-D6000hs Lathe

After all other avenues were exhausted, had to go back to basics

and drag the machine up along grease covered boards.

I now know how those people building the Pyramids felt.


1, From the ground up into the trailer.†††††††††††††† 2, Now from the trailer up to the stand.



3, Because of the longer span, have clamped another 5cm board underneath for stiffening.

The job was not made any easier by having all the control system hard-wired to the lathe.

So it all had to move as a group.

IMG_0715.jpg†† IMG_0717.jpg


4, There are 60 metres of that blue rope which I needed to have a 9 metre reach with a 6 part

tackle system. As I was pulling it up into the workshop, I was wishing for an 8 part tackle!

Donít panic, that chain goes underneath and onto the cast steel bed.

IMG_0719.jpg†† IMG_0720.jpg


5, Nine hours to get the lathe from the ground to on its stand and

the safety cover back on.




Day 2, And now it is all bolted down and levelled.

About 16 manhours in all but now itís done.

My kids can worry about how to get it out when Iím gone!

IMG_0733.jpg†† IMG_0735.jpg