My new Perrin Mill


Listed below are some images of my new (to me) Perrin Universal Mill built by Perrin Bros of Switzerland.Iím not

quite sure how old the machine is, but the slide-ways and feed-screws are in mint condition. With just about zero

backlash and no wear on any part of it at all.


This machine (also marketed as a Christen) has some unusual attributes; firstly, that you can take the main table off and clamp the job to the

side-mount table, and secondly, that it has an alternate table that can be tilted in the X, Y and Z planes concurrently.

So, if you want to mill a surface to some weirdo compound angle this is the machine for it.




Perrin 1_t

Machine with standard table

and vertical milling head.

Perrin 2_t

Vertical head has been removed.

Horizontal facing attachment


Perrin 3_t

With horizontal arbour and outboard

arbour support.

Perrin 4_t

Horizontal table removed and side

mount now available.

Perrin 5_t

Base for X,Y & Z tilting table now


Perrin 6_t

The X,Y & Z tilting table now


Perrin 7_t

And back to the standard

table with vertical milling attachment.